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Our offer

We offer a full range of services and products for the entire IT environment.

Everything to support and streamline your organization's core business.

We can deliver point-of-action or excellence, but with our complete range, we have every chance of being your partner throughout the entire IT spectrum. With well-developed and professional features and services, we are a solid supplier with local anchorage.

CoreSYSTEM Plattform Infrastruktur Försäljning, Logistik, Distribution Konsulttjänster Teknik Konsulttjänster Teknik


Our consultants deliver all services related to your IT environment like PCs, servers, networks, operating systems and software.

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When you want to streamline your business and your standard system is not enough. We help you to create new customized systems or adjust, rebuild and integrate existing systems.

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Place all or part of your company's most important IT functions in an efficient, secure, monitored and scalable environment using our operating services.

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Our support services are used by all from large concerns with hundreds of employees worldwide to small local companies. We provide just the support that suits your business and your users.

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Of course, you should be online on the web with a professional website, with the latest features and a modern design.
We also help you with other web services to increase your visibility in the digital world.

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Our product portfolio is constantly evolving and our systems can be implemented and adapted in a flexible and economical way to streamline your business.

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Our role is to help your organization to build an effective platform for the IT environment by proposing and providing you with the right product solutions and that these are handled properly.

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