We opened the doors for the newly established subsidiary on March 1st, called CoreIT Svealand. The new office will be placed on Vallgatan 9 in Solna and have all of Stockholm and Svealand as its field of work. The ambition is to create a company that can help companies in Svealand to grow using a secure and stable IT partner with the roots in northern Sweden. The delivery will consist of local IT infrastructure consultants and provide customers in the region with the opportunity to support through both self-produced cloud services as well as Microsoft Azure and Office365, and that all of it is held together through our ServiceDesk located in Örnsköldsvik.

The establishment in Svealand will be run by the newly recruited CEO Peter Bäckman: ”In my previous role as CEO of Ironstone Sverige, I met CoreIT through a common customer. At one you could feel the entrepreneurship and pride that permeates the company. CoreIT possesses a lot of “Know How” and can offer stable solutions and is right ahead in its customer dialogue, where the customer’s needs always are in focus. With our long and solid experience in Microsoft’s cloud solutions and, above all, major migration projects into the cloud, it will be a good complement to CoreIT’s services.”

Åke Holmberg, CEO CoreIT says: ”When this opportunity arose, it felt absolutely right. We know that we have a stable and coveted delivery model which we think very well will match with the skills of the newly established company. Svealand is a large region with many exciting companies and industries that we hope to cooperate with.”

About CoreIT:

CoreIT startade 2007 med idén om att hjälpa sina kunder till en ”Problemfri IT-vardag“. Vi omsätter ca 90 MSEK och är ca 65 medarbetare med kontor i Örnsköldsvik, Härnösand och Stockholm. Vi erbjuder konsulttjänster inom IT-infrastruktur, IT-säkerhet, Systemutveckling samt IT-driftstjänster från egna driftshallar i Norrland. Våra kunder finns inom Offentlig förvaltning och privata företag, nationella och internationella som t.ex. Fenix Outdoor, Anytec, OSTP och AllOffice.

CoreIT started in 2007 with the idea of helping its customers to a “Problem-free IT everyday”. We have a turnover of approximately SEK 90 million and are approximately 65 employees with offices in Örnsköldsvik, Härnösand and Stockholm. We provide consulting services in IT infrastructure, IT security, System development and IT operations from our own operating centers in Norrland. Our customers are in Public Management and Private Enterprises, National and International, such as Fenix Outdoor, Anytec, OSTP, and AllOffice.

For questions please contact:

Åke Holmberg – CEO CoreIT, +46 70-639 51 61

Peter Bäckman – CEO CoreIT Svealand, +46 761-400 047